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Karen Millen is all about beautiful clothes and the woman who wears them. Whether it’s a coat, a dress, a shoe or a bag; everything is designed for the Karen Millen woman. Each piece starts and finishes in the London atelier. Imagined, designed, cut, pinned, tweaked, adjusted, obsessed over, nipped, tucked and painstakingly finished. Quality is everything. Every piece is designed to make the woman who wears it feel confident and beautiful, everyday.
It was kind of luxury, it is a mother’s efforts masterpiece; Karen Millen shoes uk it is fine and full of warmth, it is the entire design team dedicated to everyone’s gift of love; it is from Taiwan, family jewels, it wants with love eternal inheritance Chara Source from the Greek [joy]. Chara Wen’s work is based on love, passion, Karen Millen leather jacket and adhere Karen Millen fashions to the heart of the completed perfect gift of love. So in each piece are inlaid on a heart-shaped . charawen com Miss above recorded temperature for this brand of effort. She has been considered gentle heart, jewelry is the integration of human thinking and living aesthetics combined with works of art, so she is very careful to use two years studying extremely difficult jewelry watchmaking technology combined with sophisticated technology to make Chara Wen jewelry more Wear significance, full of people show elegant unique taste. So the brand is also subject to a lot of female star’s favor, dresses Karen Millen and now want to put the founder of Ms. Wen pass this love from Taiwan to more places to go, would Chara Wen artwork dedicated to more people and bring them to mind and continue to convey love, filled every corner of the world.
Fresh and comfortable chiffon dress for lovely you probably is a good single product, plus a layer of random folds and level to receive more attention. Formal suit jacket can also break the traditional sense of restraint, slightly A-line silhouette and collar and cuff trim as you can further considerably. Dress-style jacket has always been a can not miss a single product, A-type style and design on the waist coupled with bright colors can add a bit cute for your degree. H-width version of the dress can make you a bit of students with gas, plus a hint of gray-meter long scarf or a necklace can be applied with ease pencil skirt came back, still very classicQ: ye transformed into dating commuter equipment installed?A: pencil skirts came back, still very classic. Improved small skirt suit with a joint show with elegant British style, not the waist line more smoothly, but also an effective modification of the arm. Meticulous hair is very suitable for work commute dress, white is the preferred course, to ensure that any workplace can be matched with each other, rather than black bag down grade the same insurer, after work, Volkswagen package , because everyone’s choice is the popular choice. Luxurious golden silk velvet fabric has been working with bond, maybe they the same royal air, the same sense of fashion right after work immediately put such a small jacket has a relaxed dress. Messenger cardigan sweater in a belt around his waist, do not have a fashion style skirt selection is also quite athletic, dress and ankle in recent years, a large hot single product, a national wind scraping Zaigua, no one arrived live in this wave.selfridges Karen millen What turned into a fashion iconThis season retro popular, it may be looking through my mother’s wardrobe, look for those who had previously popular big color dress or skirt flowers, there are large girdle. Fashionable drift addition, high-waisted skirts and high-waisted pants Vintage is also essential. In Vintage wind, eye-catching bright colors is To Be Stylish weapon.
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