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Karen Millen has gone from strength to strength. Today the brand is part of Aurora Fashions and Karen Millen has won fans all over the globe. The brand has achieved an iconic status and is a women’s first stop for beautifully crafted and unique clothes at an accessible price.
The Advocate General's Opinion will be welcomed by Karen Millen and other high end fashion designers and retailers who rely on unregistered design rights in their designs. Unregistered designs are an important IP right for the fashion industry, given the short lives of fashion designs which may not justify the cost of design registrations. The Advocate General's Opinion, if followed by the CJEU, will bolster the protection afforded to designs which are new and have individual character, and require lower-end, 'fast fashion' retailers to take even greater care when producing similar designs for sale at a lower price point, given the high threshold for challenging the validity of unregistered design rights".
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