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Once accidentally saw a bar to watch TV programs etiquette knowledge, I am very curious, and later has been concerned about the relevant knowledge. In 2006 I opened Karen Millen fashion the artistic accomplishment and etiquette elective system came to Beijing to learn etiquette trainer courses. I chose the Master of Professional Psychology, later in the teaching of art in my physical training combined with knowledge of psychology, and then applied to the liturgical teaching, will explain the knowledge and practical training and student essay reports combined in teaching differences based on students’ diversity management, the etiquette classes to the students as a principal. For example a student was sloppy, then let them fit the role of the character appeared in the play in the out of school so that they understand, for the environment, sometimes in a suitable occasion to learn to do the right thing. So that they themselves began to pay attention. 2009, I joined the Institute of Hubei etiquette, was elected director.
During my trip to NYC I was invited for a private preview of Karen Millen's F/W '15 looks at their new flagship store showroom. For those of you who don't know, Karen Millen is one my favorite brands; not only for myself, but to recommend to my clients. Each and every item brings a piece of elegance and class to your outfit that will make you feel happy, desired, and sophisticated.
Stand out from the crowd by going for the British touch when it comes to picking out your next outfit. Created from nothing in the 1980s, Karen Millen USA initially made their name across the pond before cracking our own American market. With elegant designs and the London look, Karen Millen USA will allow you to show off your flair for fashion. Karen Millen USA clothing offers the best in hard-edged femininity from the more casual outfits to smarter get-ups. And with their ban on cotton from Uzbekistan because of child labor worries, you can be sure Karen Millen USA is made with a commitment to human rights as well.
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