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The Irish Supreme Court referred questions to the ECJ, asking whether Karen Millen’s designs should be assessed for protection purposes against individual known designs considered separately or any combination of known design elements. In an opinion issued in April this year, Advocate General Wathelet sided with Karen Millen, stating that combinations of known elements can be protectable as having a different overall impression on the informed user compared to the earlier individual designs.
My favorite characteristic of Karen Millen clothing is the detailing and finish, each piece evokes luxury and elegance and excellent craftsmanship, this can be seen on everything in the collection from an evening gown to a black leather studded purse or pair of gloves. From rich colors, perfect tailoring (very “Mad Men”), refined silhouettes, and contrasting textures, the latest collection was too good to be true, so much so that I couldn’t settle on one piece and almost had a nervous breakdown working with a limited amount of time.
Visit Karen Millen on Level 1 at Claremont Quarter.
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