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Neither bottle raised: do not wear a hairpin, multi-fold what is?! Lord said: ? Do not know who their primary concern, what harm I laughed and said: In the future penalty Pock multi shall marry Lang, to spend . wrath of the king than to head, throw flowers in the ground to hook dial lotus pool, said, I do not even have any of bullying! Yun Yun laughed solution of the strike Early silent, like I listen to talk. I tune to his words, the use of grass fiber such as crickets, getting recommendations can be made. It must be used daily rice bubble tea, eating mustard halogen Rufu, Wu called for the foul Rufu vulgar, brine shrimp and eating melon. This two things the most evil, because of the drama, saying: None of the stomach and eat dog feces, I do not know its foul smell; dung and dung beetle group of cicadas, with its exalted Yu Xiu Qing also their dog yeah cicadas.? ? yeah, Yun said: rot whichever is cheap and can be rice porridge, childhood eating practices, now home to the king of cicadas have been as dung beetles, and those who still eating, do not forget this too; to taste halogen melon, this begun to taste the ear I said; What, my pedigree dog sinus yeah, embarrassed and strong solution Yun said:.? husband dung, they all have to be the king then eating garlic in the food and do not eat the other ear. , I should also reflect the strong rot dare strong, a little taste of melon can choke nose, pharynx into the United States while knowing that this still no salt, Maochou and German-American also, I laughed and said:.. Qing stuck me as a dog yeah? Yun said: concubine as a dog for some time now, Qu Jun tasting of more than mouth stuffed with chopsticks strong. I chew their noses, the crisp feel like the United States, then chew open nose, became smell, also from eating. Yun mixed with sesame oil and add a little sugar halogen rot, also delicious; smashed melon mixed with halogen halogen rot, name, called dual-fresh butter, there are different ignorant. I said: From the end of evil and good, the manager of the unsolvable too. Yun said:. Deep Love, though never too ugly.
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