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Loose bat shirt which will be inclusive stature, three-dimensional design Drunkard drawstring style slightly feminine traits, intended shallow V-neck exposed collarbone to show subtle elegance sexy. In white slender neck decorated Karen Millen clothes a few pearls, or platinum necklace, the U.S. will be more elegant and natural horn sleeve woolen jacket04 penetrate into the details of where elegance is refined. Luxury real raccoon fur collar, fluffy and soft; quality woolen fabrics is not easy to fold and keep smooth worry; homogeneity hand bag buckles, boot-cut cuffs and Karen Millen DN022 Cotton lace panel dress aqua 2013 Sale location is just a true pocket design, all imaginative; Fine everywhere, so elegant impeccable turtleneck sweater solid piece Rhinestone05 is an elegant and comfortable degree of relaxation. Slim black shirt, meticulously sketched out the original delicate and exquisite. Loose sleeveless turtleneck pullover, the true stature ajar, but also to show in the comfort of easygoing tolerance. Piece sunny day scenic tour will be able to go out, when the cold wind Qiye to coat the same hold is maintained Lace Plaid Skirt06 is a mature yet elegant and romantic innocence.
Shoes: Choose a strong sense of the shape of shoes make legs look slim, high-heeled is not recommended to choose a good idea, because that would increase the magnitude of hip twist you walk, highlighting also inappropriate hips flat with relatively short follow .. Well, both to increase the height, highlight your legs, Karen millen designer not too much emphasis on the thighs and buttocks. Ten, stocky build first, to believe that wearing a very elegant setting with creativity, will show their own style by cultivating their own share of thousands of elegant manners and good nature conservation. Secondly, we must understand some basic skills to wear, such as clothing and clothing styles with color matching art and science. Bright color choices available in pastel colors, such as breast fold, light blue, light pink. For example, the body color clothing is best not more than three colors. If more than three colors, is giving complex, chaotic, a sense of flowers, the lack of elegance of tone, black, white, gold, silver, gray colored with any color with a popular color, especially black, are available with any color With the back of the color,
Karen Millen has always been the most internationally-focused fascia owned by Aurora Fashions, and this is an area that such as the international director have long suggested that the group intends to focus on as an area of development, culminating in the decision to run Karen Millen as a separate company.
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